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Trebeurden, 6th August 2010

We originally planned to leave Perros-Guirec early on Saturday morning, but awoke to thick fog (again), so decided to postpone our departure. We eventually left near low water late in the afternoon and had plenty of time before we would have enough water to get over the sill at Trebeurden. If our last sail was idyllic, this one was exciting - although to windward, having the luxury of time on our hands to tack back and forth between Les Sept Iles and the coast meant we could take in the spectacular views, particularly along the coast. The sun even came out for a while! However we were in a somewhat downhearted mood as only two hours before leaving Perros-Guirec we had heard the news that Ann's previous boat, Pet, had sunk in Guernsey, details of which are here.

As we made the last course changes into Trebeurden, we were roaring along on a beam then broad reach - wish someone had been out in another boat to get some photos of us! The views along the coast were so spectacular as it is known as the Cote du Granit Rose. It's a simple enough phrase to translate without understanding any French but difficult to capture the full beauty in photographs. The bizzarely stacked mounds of pink granite make it reminiscent of the strange granite formations around Land's End, although the rock here is truly pink! You can see much of it is used in the houses - in the lintels, walls, garden walls, and even balconies and ballustrades. We arrived at Trebeurden at 2130, and soon after went out for moules frites at a nearby restaurant, which was very nice, but we have subsequently reproduced the same meal on board for a fifth of the cost - the liveaboard spirit!

Sunday morning dawned grey and uninspiring, however by the time we returned from a bit of shopping, the sun had come out so we headed out for a walk along the coast and the bay west of Trebeurden.

'Napoleon's Hat' on the Cote du Granit Rose.

The sill at Trebeurden.

Starter or main course? Not sure what the rules are on harvesting though...

Walking towards the Lannion River.

How dare they?

On Wednesday evening, 'Maltavern' were playing on a temporary stage at the marina. We very nearly didn't bother going to see them, as it was cold and blowing half a gale, but we are glad we did - if you click on the following you can hear and see for yourself:

Maltavern Gavotten ar Koadour
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Maltavern - High Reel
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We have lingered a while in Trebeurden, partly because of less than 'summery' weather, and also to do a bit of work, chores, walking and relaxing. We hope to press on west soon...