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Do you remember Christmas? - 8th February 2015

Seems like a long time ago now! Our shopping expedition to Lefkas just before Christmas yielded a car load of goodies, including a turkey, duck and pheasant - not all for Christmas Day you understand... In fact we had the pheasant on New Year's Eve, and the duck is roasting as I type, but in this neck of the woods you have to buy such things when you see them as you can't expect them to be available all the time, including the sprouts and parsnips we had with our turkey for Christmas lunch.

New Year's Eve dinner - roast pheasant, red cabbage & pears with juniper & cinnamon and roast potatoes.

Whilst in our local 'supermarket' early in the New Year Hector presented me with a freshly caught tuna, FOC - not something I recall happening in UK supermarkets! After investigating on the internet how to 'deal' with it, we enjoyed fantastic tuna loins for dinner.

Superb tuna.

January was an interesting month - unusually cold here (Athens even had snow) for a week or so, then exceptionally heavy rain & high winds, together with numerous thunderstorms and occasional power cuts. This somewhat curtailed our walking expeditions, but we have been enjoying Villa Shamballa thoroughly, particularly the log burner! We were very busy though, continuing some website development work, and we even managed, for the first time in almost 5 years, a hastily organised fleeting visit to the UK - apologies to our friends we simply didn't have time to catch up with, but the reason for the visit will be revealed in our next update...

Meanwhile, we now have an even busier February in prospect, but by way of relaxation here are some more gratuitous cat photos:

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