Yacht Pipit


Christmas is coming, 11th December 2011

...but we'll try and get something more suitable for lunch than this common tree frog, a lunchtime visitor on our walk to the west coast.

Since our last update we have had 3 weeks of excellent weather, often with cloudless blue skies and daytime highs of about 20 degrees - very different from this time last year in LRB:

Snow in LRB, December 2010.

The last-but-one walk we did was on a slightly cloudy day, but still included some stunning views of the west coast north of Cape St Vincent:

And this is what it looks like on a sunny day:

Last week Andy's mother came out to visit, and we rented this beautiful apartment. We hired a car and covered nearly 800km during the week, exploring quite a bit of the Algarve:

Foia, the highest point on the Algarve at nearly 3000 ft.

An old fort (sp) at Silves.

Moorish fort at Silves.

Vaulted ceiling.

Suspension bridge east of Portimao - flamingos spotted below.

Sagres lighthouse.

Cape St Vincent lighthouse.

The Aljezur coast.

Post lunch at O Camilo, Lagos.

Steps down to Praia Dona Ana beach, a short stroll from the apartment.

Said beach.

And so Andy's mother has now returned to the cold & gloom of the UK - I think she wanted to take the weather with her! The walk last Wednesday, perhaps the most scenic we've done so far, was from Vila do Bispo along the coast to Sagres:

View from lunch venue.

Bon Appetit!

A bit more than just a stroll...

An Agave tree, common in these parts.

The social events are increasing in the run-up to Christmas, including the Marina Christmas Dinner on Thursday, so we won't be short of things to do for the next couple of weeks! Ann is currently away with her violin at a practice session for the pontoon carol singing nearer Christmas...