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2011 Season Summary, 14th December 2011

Rounding Cape Finisterre.

Again this year we have been asked if we have been keeping a tally of our liveaboard lifestyle costs so here, in no particular order, are some facts & figures (last year's in brackets) covering the period 19th April (18th May) to 19th October (6th October) that some of our readers may find interesting and/or useful:

Distance travelled: 1288 NM. (967)

Hours logged: 265 hours. (204)

Average speed: 4.86 Knots. (4.73)

Highest speed: Not recorded. (11.8 Knots)

Ratio of sailing : motor-sailing : motoring - 127 (69) : 43 (51) : 95 (84)     (48% (34%) : 16% (25%) : 36% (41%)) A welcome increase in sailing compared with last year.

Volvo MD 2030 Engine hours: 161.1 hours. (143.7)

Diesel burnt: 260.0 litres. (237.1)

Average diesel consumption: 1.61 litres/hour. (1.65)

Engine oil consumption: 0 ml (800 ml, i.e. 0.37% of diesel burnt, well within tolerance (< 0.75%)).

Average berthing cost: €22.00 (€23.30) per night.

Number of nights at anchor / free buoys: 62 (7). A useful improvement on last year.

Cost per night (accounting for anchoring): €14.91. (€22.10)

Favourite passages - difficult to pick them, but perhaps these:

Favourite places - even harder, but maybe these:

Best showers:

Typical shower cost: €0. (€2)

Typical laundry costs: washing machine €3 (€6), dryer €2 (€2), the latter not needed much this year, and both rarely available in Spanish marinas or towns.

Typical gas cost: €14 (€23) for Camping Gaz, readily available nearly everywhere we've been so far. This lasts us about 3-4 weeks.

Average food/drink/domestic costs: difficult to be precise, as the concept of weekly shopping doesn't really exist when living aboard, but about €120 a week covers the cost of most things, and we do eat and drink very well. We still eat out from time to time, more so this year than last as Spain and Portugal are cheaper than France.