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A taste of Greece - in France... 21st May 2011

On Ile d'Yeu, that is...

As promised last time here are some more words about our time at Port Joinville on Ile d'Yeu. On our sail to the island we passed through a waiting area for ships entering the Loire - think Falmouth Bay. We didn't see as many ships as that when we crossed the Channel last year, but at least they were all anchored!

We spent last Thursday pottering around Port Joinville getting our bearings and relaxing in the lovely weather.

On Friday as previously mentioned we hired mountain bikes and cycled round most of the island. The north and east coastlines are long sandy beaches and pine trees, whereas the rest of the coast is very much like Cornwall, rocky with small sandy coves. Comme ca:

The Vieux Chateau.

It's been undergoing restoration since the 1960s.

Port de la Meule - slightly reminiscent of Port Isaac, Cornwall.

The scent of flowers and shrubs in gardens and hedgerows was all around us as we cycled, with many butterflies seen along the way.

We noticed that there are an enormous number of old 2CVs, Renault 4s and old & new Aixam micro cars around - probably ideal transport on such a small island!

Saturday was a day of rest and chafe relief, plus a few jobs around the boat. On Sunday we walked the remainder of the coast path that we hadn't cycled round:

A Dolmen (megalithic burial chamber) on the north-west coast.

A quartz reef - it looked much whiter in reality than in the photo, and has been used for navigation by mariners for centuries.

A suitable lunch venue...

We spent all week trying to get a better photo of this. The perfect shot presented itself as we left the harbour, as the chopper took off from the helipad just behind the disused lighthouse with 'Port Joinville' written on it, but alas we were otherwise occupied at the time.

So this one will have to do!

Destination Les Sables d'Olonne...

More about there next time.