Yacht Pipit


22nd February 2011

Well not much to report since last time. Time seems to be flying, and it is now only 5 weeks until we lift out at Arzal, after which we shall start moving south as weather permits. It seems only 5 minutes ago that we arrived at LRB, but it was in fact 5 months ago! Since our last update we've kept busy doing odd jobs around the boat, and as the weather improves (which it has been doing, we've had a good few almost spring-like days in February) we'll be able to do more outside jobs. We've already received a hamper of chandlery from the UK thanks to Tim & Karen, and we have a few more bits coming in early March, courtesy of another LRB boat owner - chandlery is so much cheaper in the UK, as are boats. And cars. But not wine... (our latest find is some sparkling wine at €1.06 a bottle - I doubt that would even cover the duty in the UK, and it is really quite drinkable.)

Andy has replaced his broken A string (like a G string but even thinner :-o), and can now continue practising his mandolin. Ann has been practising her violin too - rock 'n roll!

Nice pear - and there's a fruit bowl in the background...

So for the next few weeks, we'll keep busy doing a bit of work, jobs around the boat and preparing for our annual maintenance of antifouling, polishing, engine servicing and anodes replacement. We also need to fit a new engine hours counter, as ours has gone the way of many a Volvo counter, and possibly a new toilet pump ( Ann is looking forward to doing that...). There is an intermittent fresh water pump problem to investigate too. So for those who wonder what we find to do all day, perhaps that gives a slight insight into the liveaboard world - it's not all sun & sangria!

Not bad for February - at least one of us is having water...