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"The Plan"
15th September 2008

It's official - Project Tethys is underway!  In fact it has been for several months now.  We are planning to sail Pipit to the Mediterranean, where we intend to spend a number of years living the cruising lifestyle.  We don't know if we are going for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20, but we will continue exploring the Med for as long as we enjoy it! We feel incredibly fortunate to find ourselves in the position where we are able to embark on such an adventure, with no bridges burnt and all options open.  We may (or may not!) periodically come out of retirement for a few months, perhaps if we find ourselves over-wintering somewhere where the climate is less than clement...

Our intended departure date is Spring 2010, which sounds a long way off but really isn't - there is much to do between now and then!

Accordingly, having already divested of one property, Vayre Close is now on the market here, as is the Spider here - please spread the word!

Later on, there will also be a bijou cottage in Cornwall for sale or rent!

Why Tethys?

Andy & Ann

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